Spyder Weightlifting Shoes: News, Reviews, And Where To Buy

Spyder Weightlifting Shoes: News, Reviews, And Where To Buy
November 30, 2020 Alex

Note: This article was originally written before the release of Spyder’s Trap Door weightlifting shoes. The shoes have since been released, and this article has since been updated (November 29, 2020) to include the latest news, and information on availability for purchase.

The market for weightlifting shoes has always been a relatively small one. The boom of Crossfit (and, along with it, increased interest in olympic weightlifting) has driven an expansion of it, with offerings by companies like NoBull and Reebok – but it remains fairly specialized. So, when a new shoe appears, it’s something of a big deal.

Purchase Spyder’s Trap Door Weightlifting Shoes

Want to skip ahead to buying these shoes? They’re now available* on Spyder Korea’s website!

*As of now, these shoes appear to be available in Korea only. For more information, and ideas on how to get your hands on a pair, see below.

A First Peek At The Shoes

In September of 2019, reddit user u/JHrevolution posted in the weightlifting subreddit about a new olympic weightlifting shoe made by Spyder, a Colorado-based company known for their ski apparel and gear.

A first peek from September 2019 showed the Spyder weightlifting shoes in a red and black color-way (posted by reddit user u/JHrevolution)

Preliminary Features

While it’s difficult to extract a ton of information from a single picture, from the photo above we could see that Spyder’s shoes would likely feature a single, synthetic foot strap – wider than those on shoes by Nike and Adidas, but perhaps comparable to the strap on Position weightlifting shoes. The sole appeared to be reminiscent of that on the Romaleos by Nike, or shoes by Anta, and the heel appeared to be made of a similar TPU-like material.

On October 17th, 2019, another view of the shoes was posted by instagram user @mi_jung_conan_cf, a South Korean Crossfit athlete and coach (who lists Spyder as a sponsor on her profile). Her photos gave a much better view of the shoes and their features:


The design of the shoes appeared fairly straightforward, with a clean black/white/grey design, an upper that seems to incorporate both a type of mesh and synthetic leather, a type of rubber outsole, and – probably – a TPU heel.

Another post by @mi_jung_conan_cf showed her lifting in the Spyder shoes:


Note: These shoes have since been released! Read on for more information, first impressions and reviews.

Release Date, Name, And Colorways

As planned, Spyder released the shoes in January 2020, as per the original, unofficial release date.

The official name of the shoes are “Trap Door” (or 트랩도어 in Korean).

The shoes are currently available on Spyder Korea’s online store in two color ways: white/black/grey, and black/red.

The white/grey colorway can be seen in this photo from Spyder’s website
The black/red colorway can be seen in this photo from Spyder’s website

Official Features And Specifications

Judging by the first peeks we had of the shoe, Spyder seems to have stuck with the features that were being tested by athletes.

Official Trap Door specifications from Spyder's website.


Spyder’s website lists the shoes as having an official weight of 446g. Of course, this will vary slightly with shoe size.

Strap Design

The shoes feature a wide, single medial strap design, featuring the Spyder logo.

Heel Height And Offset

Spyder’s website lists the official heel height of 26mm, with a 22mm offset to the forefoot.

Outsole, Heel, And Upper Materials

The outsole of the Trap Door shoes are described by Spyder as “non-slip rubber”.

The heel is effectively a TPU heel, with an image on Spyder’s website describing a “glass nylon plate”.

The upper is a synthetic leather, the composition of which is described as 60% leather, 30% polyester, and 10% synthetic resin.


The forefoot width is listed as 101mm, while the heel width is listed as 82mm.

Pricing And Availability

The current price of the shoes is 209,000원, or roughly $175 USD.

Unfortunately, as per Spyder Korea’s website, it appears that these shoes are not yet available in the U.S., adding them to the list of difficult and/or expensive to acquire shoes, like Anta’s weightlifting shoes.

As you can see below, an attempt to checkout on Spyder Korea’s site from the U.S. saw no place to input country, or select currency type.

Update: The checkout on Spyder Korea’s website has since changed such that you can input shipping information to the U.S., but it’s still not clear whether they will indeed ship to the U.S. I might inquire through Spyder U.S. about availability and update this post.

I tried to go through Spyder’s checkout, but it seems that a U.S. address couldn’t be entered.

For now, the best way to acquire these shoes would be to find someone willing to import them (perhaps a friendly r/weightlifting redditor who lives in Korea?). Not a great solution, I know, but just a thought.

First Impressions And Reviews

Before the Trap Doors were released, there was good reason to be hopeful about the quality of these shoes, as Spyder reportedly makes high quality products, and is an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team.

Now that the shoes have been released, we can glean some more direct information about them.

Joel Te’s Review

Joel Te, known on instagram as @asmanyreviewsaspossible, got his feet into a pair of Trap Door shoes. He described the shoes as follows:

They’re built using a synthetic leather upper very similar to the original Adipower, but dare I say more flexible.
Materials feel great, nothing cheap besides the strap loop being plastic.
The heel is TPU and stability feels solid.
In shoe comfort is good for what it’s worth.
Outsole rubber feels nice and sticky.
Flexibility feels great, like original Rom 3.
Weight is 17.25 oz for a men’s size 10, 280kr.
In shoe feel is neutral, not much arch. Drop is gradual and feels similar to Adipowers.
Sizing is perfect, runs true to size.

The popularity of Crossfit has seen some newer shoes skewing more light and flexible, presumably meant to appeal to those who are doing things like box jumps and burpees immediately after snatches, clean & jerks, or squats. The Romaleos 3 XD are one such example of this. Joel’s review confirms that at least insofar as flexibility, the Trap Doors follow suit. It also shows that these lifters by Spyder are a bit lighter than more classic shoes like the Nike Romaleos 2, as well as the Reebok Legacy lifters, which are among the more heavy, stable shoes available (Romaleos 2 are no longer offered by, Nike, but you can find them still being offered by various retailers).

You can see Joel’s post along with plenty of photos below.


In a later post, Joel describes the shoes further:

Pretty much a Rom 3 or Adipower mixed with ASICS 727.
Toe box is nice flexible, shoe feels comfy, not heavy but not too light.
Heel is solid. Drop is neutral.
Ankle could be a little more secured but I didn’t lace lock and they do run a tiny big.
I could have probably gotten away with a 9.5/275.

Blog Review

Korean blogger jun090317 did a review of the shoes, comparing them to both the original Adidas Adipower and Reebok Legacy shoes in the process.

His review gives a closer look at some of the shoes details, like the lace/tongue area:

In his review he suggests that those used to Adipowers might go a half size up if ordering Spyder’s shoes.

The difference between the Trap Door and Adipower, both a size 245mm

The review goes on to mention that the insole feels softer than other weightlifting shoes, and might suit Crossfit athletes well if they are performing other movements in them.

Athletes Using Spyder Trap Door Shoes

It was likely that some athletes would be wearing Spyder’s Trap Door shoes in the Tokyo Olympics, but as they have been postponed, the best way to get a view of the shoes in action is to follow the athletes below who are sporting them.


Crossfit athlete 미죠미 has been lifting away in her Spyder Trap Doors



Olympic weightlifter Lee Sang has these shoes in his rotation



Crossfit Box owner Joel Te has posted a number of videos showing the shoes in action


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