New Articles Coming Soon!

New Articles Coming Soon!
April 23, 2020 Alex
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What are you doing bruh?

I’m writing this quick post to point out the obvious – this site is empty.

Well, except for one article. And this post.

If you found your way to my article about the Spyder shoes, hopefully you found it helpful (though it might have been a let down as they only seem to be available in Korea right now). But you might have thought it strange that there was nothing else on this site…

I made this website live some time ago, telling myself that writing about different exercises, and nutrition, would be a great way to get a better handle on things I’ve long wanted to learn. I also figured I could write about some products like, because I tend to be pretty obsessive about researching things before I buy them. I still think all of that is true.

But as it goes, life got in the way. And, while probably no one will even read this, I just wanted to write this to say that this isn’t some weird, mysterious site sitting in the digital universe – I’m a real person, and I’m going to put more things here. It’s just going to take a little time.

All the best.

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